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General Rules


General Rules contact:

Dewayne Lott - (618) 535-4471

CITP General Rules - 2022

1. A certified weight and points system will be in effect. No vehicle will be certified or be awarded points unless membership dues are paid.

2. Membership dues must be paid before or at the first PULL.

3. Vehicle must hook to the sled and tighten the chain under its own power to get last place points. If this occurs with multiple vehicles, points will be evenly distributed.

4. Pullers are prohibited to talk to sled operators before or during the pull. This rule is set in place for any discrepancies or misunderstanding with sled operator.

5. NO entry will be allowed after the class starts.

6. All pulls to start with chain tight hitch, no jerking allowed. Pullers must maintain 1 hand on the steering wheel at all times.

7. No one is allowed on the track except the judge, track officials and contestants. No coaching from the sidelines will be allowed. Extra pit crew on track to lock hubs at the beginning and unlock hubs or to check vehicle of mechanical issue at the end of pull is allowed.

8. Number one puller will be the test puller with the option of rejecting the first attempt and coming right back for a re-hook, or dropping to the third hook or last hook. In the event of a sled reset, the test puller may re-hook in the first position, or drop to the third measured position, now giving the re-hook option to the original #2 puller.

9. All contestants will have two chances to start the sled within a 100-foot pit area. In the event of a pull off we will pull in the same order as originally pulled. There will be only one attempt to complete a pull.

10. May not switch drivers once the vehicle is on track.

11. If a vehicle goes out of bounds the pull will be terminated and measured at that point. If the contestant continues pulling, a disqualification will result. No boundary after 300’ mark. (Mud flaps are not considered part of the sled.)

12. Any protest must be made before the event is over-for rules already in place.

13. All pulling vehicles will be subject to inspection by C.I.T.P board or tech personnel before and after each pull. Vehicles that do not meet C.I.T.P rules will be subject to disqualification. The C.I.T.P has the right to internally inspect any vehicle, or new entries, at any time.

14. Tech committee members along with the Pullmaster will have the power to enforce all rules and settle disputes. Any repeat infractions will result in disqualification for one year to date from the infraction. Infractions may on be only overridden by Pull Master.

15. Contestants must remain seated in an upright position and keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times. Vehicle must be operated in a safe manner both on and off the track. Foul or abusive language or excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated.

16. Driver shall place the Pulling vehicle in neutral and have foot off the clutch while hooking to and from the sled. Hands in the air.

17. All weights shall be secured to the pulling vehicle. Any weight lost while under the green flag will result in disqualification. No weights allowed on platform, seat, or in cab and weights shall not interfere with hitch Hook to Hook.

18. A vehicle may not be entered in the same class twice.

19. All vehicles must have working brakes.

20. Must have OEM EQUIVALENT Firewall and floor and holes in the firewall must be covered. Any firewalls are subject to judges discretion.

21. All forms of nitro methane,nitrous oxide and propylene are illegal as fuel.

22. Kill switches for gas powered vehicles and air shut offs for diesel powered vehicles are required. Kill switches to shut down and kill vehicle. Gas vehicles will kill ignition. Fuel shutoff / kill is highly recommended.

23. A grace / exhibition hook will be allowed for situations that are authorized by pull officials.

24. The specific class rules can and will supersede General Rules.

25. In case of points tie we will go back to who had the most 1st place finishes. If still tied,then the most 2nd, 3rd, etc. If still tied then a total distance for the year will be added up. If the distances are not available then a coin flip will break the tie.

26. Floating finish for all pulls except where the track does not allow or track judge has made a full pull at a set distance.

27. No items may fall off the truck at any time during the pull. Hook to Hook. once chain is hooked til the chain is unhooked all items must stay on truck I.E (weights, tires, exhaust, body panels, lights, bars, etc)

28. Trucks must be able to hook to sled under own power and drive off the track under own power. Unless the mechanical failure prohibits.

29. Judges have authority to make decisions and changes as needed.

With this being the first year for general rules in C.I.T.P changes may have to be made. If changes are necessary it will be done with meeting of tech committee and 3 other tech supervisions.

General Rules contact:

Dewayne Lott - (618) 535-4471

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