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Super Stock 4x4 - Rules

4wd Super Stock contacts:

John Steward - (217) 825-5088
Adam Meisenheimer - (217) 556-3111




Weight Classes: 

Cast Iron Heads – 6300 & 6600 

Aftermarket Heads – 6100 & 6400


“Trial Run for 2021 Season” 

Drop boxes and reversers can be ran, but those trucks will lose 200 lbs. same as aftermarket heads



1.  Aluminum heads can be ran. No pro stock heads allowed. No spread port heads. EX514 and A460 heads allowed. No hemi heads. No brodix SR20 heads. Conventional big block Chevy heads only. Aftermarket cast iron blocks can be ran.  After market headed trucks will weigh less than the OEM headed trucks. Weight will be adjusted accordingly. Small Blocks can run any OEM heads without dropping weight. 


2.  One ton or smaller OEM frame and front end. Rear end can be F106 or smaller. No drop boxes or reversers. One ton or smaller stock appearing transmissions and transfer cases only. 


3.  No sheet metal or Thor intakes. Single dominator, no split carbs or stretched, no fuel injection. 


4.  500 cubic inch limit. Must be naturally aspirated. Engine must be no further forward than 14" from back of block to center of front axle. Must have shielding on both sides of the engine block for any exposed spark plugs.                        


5.  Draw bar or Reese hitch must be no less than 42" from center line of rear axle to chain hook point. No mid mount hitches. No hook points forward from the center of the rear axle, actual hook point 3"x 3.75" horizontal hole with 1.5"x 1.5" max at hook point. No higher than 2" above frame rail. Hitch height is 26" rigid in all directions. Allow bars from hitch to rear end below centerline of axle tube. 


6.  Open headers allowed. Straight upright or down and straight back. No headers pointing to ground or outwards. 


7. No tires can measure larger than 33" x 12.50". No cutting, D.O.T. approved and no sipping. 


8.  Total weight bar distance is 60" measured from the center line of front axle to the furthest object in front of truck. Front hook point on front of weight bracket can’t be any larger than 5” out x 12” wide x 1” thick and will not count as weight bracket distance. 


9.  No flat beds or duallys allowed. Full size metal OEM bodies.  No fiberglass bodies or small body trucks. Beds can be gutted, must have bed covers (if bed is gutted). Fiberglass hoods and single race seat allowed. Anything in the cab that can be unbolted can be removed. Must have OEM glass for windshield and back window. 


10.  Must have firewall and floor boards equal to OEM specs. 18 gauge steel or 3/16” aluminum are the least the firewall and floor pans can be made out of. Open holes in firewall must be covered. 


11.  Fuel cells allowed, can be hung on weight bracket. No fuel cells or fuel lines in cab. 


12.  Hydraulic steering is allowed, batteries and steering components can be put behind front weight bracket. 


13.  No 100% alcohol can be used. No nitrous. 


14.  If wheel base exceeds 133" to 140", wheel base must lose 2" hitch height OR 200 lbs. Over 140" wheel base must lose 2" hitch height AND 200 lbs. 


15.  500 cubic inch +1% protest subject to pump. A $100 fee will be paid to the winning party of the protest. $50 of the $100 fee will go to pump technician. Any loss of protest leads to an automatic disqualification and will not be allowed to pull until the problem is fixed. 


16.  Rear tires must track at least half of front tires. 


17.  Electric water pumps allowed. 


18.  Must have working front brakes. 


19.  All trucks will be pump tested, head numbers checked, and entire truck teched. Then motors will be sealed up. Must be done before you are allowed to pull. (Contact numbers are listed on our contact page) 




                       Safety Regulations: 

1. If any of these regulations do not pass, then you are automatically disqualified. 


2. Must have S.F.I. approved bell-housing or blanket. 


3. Must have S.F.I. approved steel flywheel and harmonic balancer. 


4. Must have kill switch near hook point. Reverse light at back of truck and must be operational when vehicle is in reverse. 


5. Must have driveshaft loops and u-joint shields at all u-joints. 


6. Must have firewall and floorboards. Discretion of tech committee applies. 


7. Must have accessible fire extinguisher for driver. 


Tech Committee has final say.

4wd Super Stock contacts:

John Steward - (217) 825-5088

Adam Meisenheimer - (217) 556-3111

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