Super Stock 2wd - Rules

2wd Super Stock contacts:

Chuck Feldmann - (217) 246-2629

Jed Davis - (217) 827-6789

Smerk Schmedeke - (217) 825-5644

5800 - 6200# 2wd Super Stock 2019 – 2021 Rules

***2019 Rule changes are in Red***

1. 515 max cubic inch limit all participants will be pumped, any participant that pumps larger than 515 cid will be disqualified unless they prove otherwise by a tear down.


2. Aftermarket Blocks are allowed, all engines over 427 cid will be required to use a oem cast iron head with manufacturer casting numbers, all engines 427 cid small blocks and lower cid shall be allowed to run a oem production aluminum head that came on a passenger car or truck, absolutely no performance heads, if you are not sure about the head check with tech personnel.

3. Single 4150 base carburetor naturally aspirated, no sheet metal intakes, no nitrous, no fuel injection.

4. All headers must point up or pointed down and back.

5. Ignition cannot be any larger than a MSD 6AL.

6. Fuel cells are only allowed in bed or on front of the truck.

7. Wheelbase cannot exceed 140 inches.

8. Front weight racks are allowed, and no parts shall exceed 28 inches past front of frame rail.

9. Hitch height is 26 inches max, and rigid in all directions.  No bars, turn buckles or any other hitch supports to axle housing.  Hole in hook point must be 3” x 3.5” or larger. Hook point cannot be more than 8 inches past or 8 inches forward of end of frame. Pull point of hitch cannot be further forward than center of rear axle.

10. Maximum tire size of 36”x16.50” D.O.T only no cutting or sipping or other alterations to tire, and no duels.

11. Ladder bars can be bolted or welded.

12. Unlimited drive train no planetary.


13. All u-joints must be shielded, and drive shaft loops .

14. Bell housing must be SFI approved or blanket on automatic trans.

15. Pinion brake or brake on each side of one axle.

16. Factory frame only, no lengthening of factory frame, no tube built frames.

17. Metal fire wall and floor pans.

18. No small body trucks, no fiberglass body parts excluding hood scoop.

19. SFI approved flywheel and harmonic damper.

20. Must have a fully functional fire extinguisher reachable by driver.

21. Must have kill switch on rear of truck near hook point.

22. Single layer minimum fire suit is mandatory, one piece or pants and jacket.

23. All trucks will be subject to a chassis inspection, engine inspection, and pump test.  After passing inspection the engine will be tagged, if the tag is tampered with the engine will be subject to another pump test, and inspection at participant’s expense.

24. Any part of the chassis or body that comes in contact with the track, or goes out of bounds while hooked to the sled will be disqualified excluding power train breakage or a belt. No points for any disqualification.


Tech Committee has final say.


2wd Super Stock contacts:

Chuck Feldmann - (217) 246-2629

Jed Davis - (217) 827-6789

Smerk Schmedeke - (217) 825-5644

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