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Super Stock 2wd - Rules

2wd Super Stock contacts:

Mark Craig - (217) 827-4378
Mike Dirksen - (217) 415-8529

2wd Super Stock - 2022 Rules

1. Tires - Limited to a 35x12.50 DOT tire as stated on the sidewall by the manufacturer. No sipping.

2. Hitch-Hook point must be a minimum 20” from the center of the rear axle, must be pinned from the center of the rear axle or back, must be rigid in all directions before, during and after the pull. Must be safe to pull.
Maximum height of 26”.


3. Engine -1 naturally aspirated spark ignition engine, No Nitrous, No Superchargers, No Turbos, No Power Adders.

4. Carb-Single carb, must be bolted with a 4150 pattern (“5.160 x “5.625)

5. Open headers allowed straight up or down and straight back. No headers pointing to the ground or outwards.

6. Wheelbase is a maximum of 140”

7. No tube-built chassis.

8. No planetary rear ends.

Safety Regulations:

1. If any of these regulations do not pass, then you are automatically disqualified. Tech personnel have final say.

2. Must have S.F.I. approved bellhousing or blanket.

3. Must have S.F.I. approved steel flywheel and harmonic balancer.

4. Must have kill switch near hook point. Reverse light at back of truck and must be operational when vehicle is in reverse.

5. Must have driveshaft loops and u-joint shields at all u-joints.

6. Must have full firewall and floorboards equal to an OEM body. Open holes in the firewall must be covered.

7. All fuel lines must be approved for fuel use.

8. Must have accessible functioning fire extinguisher for driver.

9. Judges have final decision on all safety and rules.

2wd Super Stock contacts:

Mark Craig - (217) 827-4378

Mike Dirksen - (217) 415-8529

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