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Points Rules

Points Rules

Points will be figured equally for all classes.

Points will be awarded in two ways :

     A) Hook points = Truck will receive 20 points for making a pull of a measurable distance.

     B)  Place Points = Trucks will be awarded points according to their finishing position as follows:

1st - 20 points

2nd - 18 points

3rd - 16 points

4th -  14 points

5th - 12 points

Trucks finishing 6th place and back will receive 10 points.


Points for both classes LIGHT / HEAVY will go for total points at the end of the year.


Points will be awarded to truck, regardless of the driver.


In the event of a rain out, no points will be awarded. A pull will be considered a rain out if it is cancelled prior to the event or during the event. (if all trucks in the class are not allowed to pull due to weather or sled breakage)

In case of a points tie, we will go back to who had the most 1st place finishes.


If still tied, then the most 2nd, 3rd, etc.

If still tied, the total distances pulled for the year will be added up.

If the distances are not available for all the pulls then a coin flip will break the tie.

Points dues and fees:

2wd Super Stock - $115.00
4wd Super Stock -  $115.00

Work Stock Diesel - $115.00


Points buyback fee is $25.00 per missed hook.

Buyback = 20 hook and 10 points for 6th on down = 30 points.

May buyback 2 times total.

DQ no place points, only hook points.


Hot Street Gas will not have points systems due to the newness of the class unless we have enough interest to start a point system mid-year.

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