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Modified Gas 4wd - Rules

Rules - Modified Gas 4wd



*** TRUCK MUST BE 4WD ***                             


1.  Engine must be no further forward than 12" from back of block to center of front axle.


2.  Trucks must be naturally aspirated. The driver of any truck running Alcohol must wear fire suit and helmet.


 3.  Electric fan and water pumps allowed.


 4.  Open headers allowed as long as they are down and back or upright.


 5.  26" hitch height mounted rigid.


 6.  No mid mount hitches ( no hook points forward from the center of the rear axle, actual hook point

 3" x 3.75" horizontal hole with 1.5" x 1.5" max at hook point. No higher than 2" above frame rail.)


 7.  Hitch can be no closer than 42 inches to center of rear axle and no more than 133 inch wheelbase.


 8.  D.O.T. approved tires no bigger than 35" x 12.50" and 33" x 15.50" and no larger than 18" diameter wheel.


 9.  Total weight bar distance is 60" measured from the center line of front axle to the furthest object in front of truck.


 10.  Traction bars and rear suspension may be permanently fixed.


11.  Drive train must be no greater than factory one ton. OEM unlimited rear end can be used. No planetary rear ends. No sheet metal rear ends. This is for rear drive axle ONLY. Front drive axle must be no greater than a factory 1 ton axle. Drop boxes can also be used .


 12.  Must have functioning breaking system.


 13.  Cutting and gutting allowed but the bed must be covered by Tonneau cover or bed liner. Fire walls must be metal or aluminum.


 14.  Full size flat beds are allowed. Only manufactured  flat beds will be accepted. 


 15.  Rear tires must track at least  half of front tire.


 16.  No fiberglass body parts except hood.


 17.  No aluminum heads.


 18.  540 cubic inch +1% protest subject to pump. A $300 fee will be paid to the winning party of the protest. $100 of the $300 fee will go to the pump technician. Any loss of protest leads to 1 year and 1 day out.


 19.  All trucks will be pump tested, heads checked, and entire truck teched. Then motors will be sealed up. Must be done before you are allowed to pull.




                                       Safety Regulations:

1. If any of these regulations do not pass then you are automatically disqualified.


2. Must have S.F.I. approved bell-housing or blanket.


3. Must have S.F.I. approved steel flywheel and harmonic balancer.


4. Must have kill switch near hook point.


5. Must have driveshaft loops and u-joint shields at all u-joints.


6. Must have firewall and floorboards. Discretion of tech committee applies.


7. No fuel cells or batteries in cab, can be in bed or out front not past weights.


8. Must have an accessible fire extinguisher for the driver.


                       Tech Committee has final say.

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