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Hot Street Gas - Rules


Hot Street Gas contact:

Kenny Nelson - (618) 946-7642

1. Truck must be one ton or smaller, 496 CID max.

2. Engine and Transmission must match the make of truck. Axles must be one ton or less.

3. Engine can run a dual plane intake (Edelbrock performer, factory stock, Weiand street warrior)
May run a spread bore intake. With no vacuum restriction. Engine that run a single plane intake must pull 13 inches of vacuum at 1000 rpm’s.


4. Must run OEM cast iron heads out of production vehicle. Headers are allowed with 3” collector. No larger than 3”exhaust, must have a type of muffler and exit behind the cab.

5. All engine acc. Must be belt driven off the crank (water pump, alternator, power steering). A/C compressor may be removed or unhooked. Electric fans may be used.

6. Aftermarket ignition may be used no larger than MSD 6AL or equivalent.

7. Max 93 octane gas and no additives. E85 blend is allowed. No racing fuels or injectables.

8. Turbochargers and / or superchargers are not allowed unless it came equipped from the factory.

9. Max 4150 carburetor, no larger than 1 3⁄4 “ butterflies in base plate. Fuel injection may be run, and must use a factory fuel injection system with factory intake and throttle body no larger than 92mm. Performance fuel pumps and filters are allowed. Fuel lines no larger than 3⁄8” ID. (1 supply line, 1 return line)

10. Fuel cells allowed. Must mounted in bed.

11. The original unaltered frame, wheelbase must be obtained.

12. No gutting or cutting allowed.

13. Front and rear factory suspension components, including unaltered spring packs must be retained. Extended bump stops or blocks may be used and must be removable.

14. Brakes must present and working on all 4 corners.

15. Front and rear traction bars are allowed, must be bolted in and removable.

16. Must run removable reese style hitch mounted to the rear of the frame rails. With no structures from the hitch to axle. No drawbar type or mid mount hitches. Hook point must protrude beyond the stock length frame rails and bed floor, distance from hook point to center rear axle must be no less than 42” maximum 26” hitch height.

17. Must run solid receiver 2” or larger with hood point minimum 3.5 hole. Maximum thickness of 1.5 x 1.5.

18. Tires and wheels must be DOT approved unaltered, and street legal. No Duals.

19. Driver must have a current valid driver's license and must not be intoxicated or impaired.

20. Each truck may only be entered once in the class for scoring purposes. If additional hooks are desired, it is up to the tech officials whether or not to allow additional exhibition hooks.

21. Must have safety chains or loops around driveshafts.

22. Trucks must have working lights.

Hot Street Gas contact:

Kenny Nelson - (618) 946-7642

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